Saturday, 26 February 2011

Never Say No to Panda

Some advertising it subtle.  Buy our products, it says - and you will be sexier, cooler, more likely to make friends and influence people.  Other ads aren't quite that under the top as it were.  This cheese commercial makes it quite plain.  Eat our cheese or we will send a Giant Panda around to sort you out.  Not only that, but aformentioned panda will stare you out, spoil your dinner, chuck your grocery all over the place and generally be an unpleasant kind of panda.

Panda Cheese - apparently it's not made from Panda Milk, but a compilation of Panda Cheese TV ads from the Middle East is quickly gaining popularity among audiences that have never heard of the product - or generally give a flying fig about the animal.

That, though, is one scary panda.  The order is in.  The cheese is on the way.
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