Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Bay City Rollers Grab a Few Grannies

Ah, the seventies - the decade that taste forgot.  You only have to think of the Bay City Rollers to realise how true that was.  Although their music does not seem to have stayed the course as the songs of the main boyband from the previous decade, The Beatles, they were for a few short years the biggest band on the planet.  Usually their TV studio audiences would have consisted of girls, girls and more girls but on this occasion - The Ann Margaret Show - they were confronted with people who were alive when Mafeking was relieved.  Not that it stops the old ones getting down with the kids - I could swear that a few of them were about to whip their twinset and pearl set off and spin it around their heads.  Some of these older folk, however, do retain their natural aloofness - and the sight of one little granny knitting while the Bay City Rollers sing and her peers carouse is the stuff of brilliance!


Richard Wing said...

Funny post RJ. I remember those days very well here in the states. As they were also plastered over every teen beat mag in circulation. Never was much of a fan, but the 70's do bring back some great musical memories. Their hair-doo's always cracked me up. Nostalgia!

PakOsu said...

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