Sunday, 21 March 2010

BBC America Doctor Who Series 5 Trailer - Very Different to UK Version

This is hugely different from the UK teaser trailer version.  Matt Smith will make his debut in the UK on 3 April 2010 but a few weeks later in the US on BBC America.  As such the Americans have their own teaser trailer - and it is so different to the UK version.  So, here you go folks - if you are desperate for even a minute's footage of the new season 5 of Doctor Who then this is for you!

As for the new series - everything we have seen so far looks brilliant.  Looks can be deceptive of course but when some of the teasers have had Daleks in 1940s London (with spitfires fighting their spaceships!) the return of the Silurians and Vampires in fifteenth century Venice - we can't wait.  Give it to us now!!

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