Friday, 19 February 2010

Chinon Castle and The Knights Templar Graffiti

Kids!  Huh!  Always hanging around on street corners and creating graffiti everywhere they go....!  We have all heard - or thought - words similar to this but to be frank graffiti has been with us a long time. It certainly cannot be described in any way, shape or form as a contemporary issue.

We know that the people of Pompeii were prone to a little street scribbling and as for the pyramids - well, every Tom, Dick and Harry in history has put their mark there.

One place that not too many know about in terms of graffiti is the castle of Chinon (the slender clocktower pictured on the left).  The Knights Templar left their own - extremely mysterious marks there in the fourteenth century.

Our resident expert on all things Gallic, Francois Hagnere,  takes us through the story.

Chinon Castle and The Knights Templar Graffiti | Trifter

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