Thursday, 14 January 2010

Banned on TV - The Anti Bullying Ad They Didn't Want You To See

January 8 saw the launch of an uncompromising £1.2m advertising campaign refused permission to air on TV by regulators in memory of bullied school girl Megan Gillan, whose life was cut short after facing continual bullying both online and in school on January 19th 2009.

Megans family has fully endorsed the campaign with the hope that no other family suffers the loss they have.

The advert, refused permission to air on TV by Clearcast (formerly the BACC), depicts a teenage girl sewing her mouth closed, symbolising the way victims feel silenced by bullies. It is this imagery which Clearcast deemed too brutal an image for young audiences. However, the disturbing imagery is designed to drive awareness of the devastating effects bullying can have.

However, the ad, produced by award winning agency M&C Saatchi, can be seen online debuting on YouTube's homepage as part of a major charity partnership tie-in.  You can visit the channel on YouTube here.

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