Tuesday, 17 August 2010

BBC Weatherman Gives His Colleagues the Finger On Air

Tut tut!  Over at the BBC, something is amiss.  Tomasz Schafernaker the Weatherman on duty over at BBC News 24 (think CNN but posher) didn't realise that he was on camera when he not so gently gave his colleagues, Simon McCoy and Fiona Armstrong, the finger.  His colleagues made a vague attempt not to smirk when they realised his fauz pas and Schafernaker himslef tried to look coy about it.  However, it wasn't going to rub, pretending that he was stroking his chin - the boy had been well and truly caught out.

This rude gesture aside, Schafernaker has been in trouble once or twice before - once for calling the Glastonbury Festival muddy sh*te instead of a muddy site and another time for calling a part of Scotland nowheresville.

Oh yeah - and he also appeared on the cover of gay magazine Attitude, which took his BBC bosses somewhat by surprise.

He might be lifting his finger again soon enough - to respond to his name being called out at the job centre perhaps!


Anne Lyken-Garner said...

I love the way he tried to 'cover up' his mistake by doing something else with his fingers. What was he trying to do? I still can't get how he thought some fool would NOT catch him out.
He's obviously too comfortable in that job.

Rana Sinha said...

Oops! He was quick-witted and tried to repair the damage though.

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