Friday, 15 January 2010

Les Invalides: The Haunted Home of Napoleon’s Tomb

No visit to Paris is truly complete without time spent in Les Invalides.  This complex of buildings in the 7th Arrondissement contains museums, mausoleums and military mementoes - all dedicated to the role that France and the French have played in the history of warfare.  Lauren Axelrod takes us on a tour around this amazing site.

The place was founded in the seventeenth century, so as you can imagine with a country with such a rich history, Les Invalides can take a substantial amount of time to cover.  However, the trip is well worthwhile as even if you are not a fan of military history this remarkable place gives you a glimpse in to the very essence of the French national character.

Lauren is no stranger to history - and by that I am not taking a pop at her age, believe me.  If you would like to see more of her work, then take a trip over to her excellent blog, The Ancient Digger.

Les Invalides: The Haunted Home of Napoleon’s Tomb | Trifter

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